The Interview (aka Interrogation)

You just got a call from a police detective wanting to schedule an interview. You know that this interview has nothing to do with getting a job and everything to do with a possible criminal record. What do you do?

Getting Justice Takes Work

It doesn’t really matter if the allegations are true, a misunderstanding or a bald-faced lie. There are a lot of people serving hard time on weak allegations and circumstantial evidence. What DOES matter is protecting your rights and holding the system accountable.

You need someone to have your back while you work your way through the courts. You need help keeping the “justice” in “criminal justice.”

Make the Right Call

At Hanson Legal Solutions, we’ve got your back. We explain the road ahead in your case. We make sure your side of the case is properly presented to the court. We’re committed to getting you the result you deserve at a price you can afford.

Don’t face the system alone. Contact Hanson Legal Solutions to schedule your free consultation. A reasonable fee for the right representation can help you avoid unreasonable financial hardships and potentially life-long consequences.

At Hanson Legal Solutions, we’ve got your back.