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In more than a decade of law practice in two different states, one fact is consistently true: WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW CAN (AND WILL) HURT YOU.

The most important points of any legal matter happen outside the courtroom and usually before your scheduled court date. Understanding how to navigate the legal process, what evidence is helpful rather than useless, what goals are realistic and possible in your case, and a host of other issues that will impact the outcome of your case all factor into whether or not you will achieve “success.”

If you were planning a trip to a remote location in Africa, you would certainly plan to hire a guide that understands the language, the customs, the terrain and the laws to help you make it safely and successfully to your destination and home again. The courthouse might not seem as foreign or scary as the jungles in the Congo, but the language, culture, customs and rules in legal proceedings are often far more foreign to everyday working people than they initially think. You need an experienced guide to direct you safely and successfully through your legal issue.

We will be posting helpful information on this page that will help you better understand the legal system. We know that the information we provide will likely answer some questions but create several more.

When a question is bugging you, and you can’t find a good answer, contact us at the office of Hanson Legal Solutions and set up a 30-minute consultation to get some peace of mind. Our initial consultations are always free, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.